A Killer Fundraiser for Langley Seniors

BRIA Staff LSRS Gala
It was murder and mayhem at the Langley Senior Resource Society‘s second annual Gala Fundraiser this past weekend. The event transported guests back to a Speakeasy in 1927 where friends, lovers, enemies and associates of Trixie Twist had gathered to raise a glass and toast her untimely passing. Gala guests mingled with murder mystery characters trying to coax and bribe clues out of them as to who dun it.

Sergeant Warren Peace played by Bria Director, Craig Rumsby, turned out to be shifty and corrupt. Tiffany Twist, identical sister of the deceased, was played by our effervescent Sales and Marketing Manager, Jane Bryce. Janice Miller, Bria Marketing Partner, as magnanimous movie mogul Bennie Factor and owner of Bria Studios. And finally, Douglas Stewart, Recreation Assistant at Sunridge Gardens, played the handsome leading man of all Bria Studio’s biggest movie hits

Bria Communities was a Diamond sponsor of this event that raised $9823 to support seniors in Langley community. Staff from Magnolia Gardens and Sunridge Gardens got dressed to the nines in 1920s glad rags to attend as guests along with MLAs Mary Polak and Rich Coleman, various civic leaders, and a host of fabulous Langley seniors. At the end of the evening the murder was revealed to Trixie Twist herself (which can happen when identical twins are in play!)