Magnolia’s Fabulous Mexican Fiesta

Magnolia Garden Events - Mexican Fiesta

On Saturday, July 27th, Magnolia Gardens hosted their 11th annual outdoor summer party for residents, their families, friends, and the community. It was a beautiful day under sunny skies, with a slight breeze to keep everyone cool enough to enjoy the festivities. Performing on the Langley Community stage was the duo “Cheek to Cheek” who sang many songs to compliment our theme of a fabulous Mexican fiesta. There were professional dancers who added to the fun by encouraging members of the audience to get up and join in.

Everyone enjoyed the icy fruit drinks and the ice cream treats that were handed out. The children were very enthusiastic when they were tasked to hit the piñata while blindfolded. Once they were able to open it enough, goodie bags of candy rained down, and were scooped up with glee.





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