The Waterford’s Annual Picnic at Diefenbaker

Annual Picnic at The Waterford Retirement Community

The Waterford Annual picnic at Diefenbaker Park was a beautiful sunny day with about 50 people under tarps and tents to provide some shade.  Thankfully our amazing handy man Joel was on hand to set up tents and organize all the extra tables and chairs for the event.  The bus brought 2 loads of residents and some others made their way on their own.  The kitchen provided a fantastic “picnic” lunch of sandwiches, chips and potato salad along with lemonade and ice tea and a mountain of raspberries and strawberries.   Followed up with Boston cream and lemon meringue pie… wait there is a theme with that.

The games started when the residents arrived with a photo scavenger hunt having to find 10 different things in the park where they take their photograph.  From feeding the ducks, swinging on the swings, touching the glob on the waterpark, eating watermelon – the first team to finish their list won!  After lunch we played relay games in two teams speed walking to the beach bag wearing one item back to the team and then one resident had to dress in all the items to be the winning team.  Next we played a round of water balloon toss between the residents that ended up in our always fun recreation guy Trey getting water bombed by our GM Craig and getting soaked and loving it.  With that entertainment over we played another relay game and then wrapped up with an old fashioned pie eating contest.  The pie choices were banana or coconut cream and the contestants were Craig, Trey, Joel, Rosanne of the Waterford staff and Kevin a grandson and one brave resident John Playfair (who used a fork).  The stage was set with two tables of us lined up to eat our pies face first for the residents then when done you had to run to the top of a hill and ring a cow bell to declare yourself a winner.

With hands behind our backs we dove in and cream went everywhere.  Then before anyone knew it Rosanne ran for the cow bell and left the men stunned as they looked up from their pie plates.  Kevin an experienced pie eater came in second (the same as his previous title).  Photos were taken and laughs had by all.


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