Movember at The Waterford

seniors and staff laughing

Beginning in 2013, The Waterford team set out a goal to introduce one pancake breakfast each month to raise money for a cause that matched the theme for the month. For example in the month of November, ‘Movember’, we raised money for men’s health and what made this special is that many of our gentlemen residents also participated in Movember, growing a mustache from November 1st to the 30th.

On Wednesday November 13th The Waterford Team held their Loonie Pancake Breakfast where all donations would be going to men’s health. About 30 residents came down for breakfast and donated a loonie or more which later resulted in just shy of $100 – this then went to Century Group’s Director of Special Properties Manager – Greg Condon who had this to say about the donation:

“I wish to sincerely thank you for your contribution to one of my most successful fund raising efforts of all time. Thanks to your generous donation you and 52 other supporters were able to help me raise over $ 3,600 for Movember. Canada ended up being the top fund raising country in the world with roughly over $30 million or 30% of the total $ 111 million raised. This was an incredible achievement. My team, Team Razor, brought in just over $ 4,200. I had to part ways with the facial beard and my wife is quite thankful!”

– Thank you Greg, I think we were all quite happy to put the blade to those ‘staches’.

One Waterford resident, Bob, appreciated our efforts to support this cause as he is a survivor of prostate cancer. Honourable mentions go out to residents such as Jim, Ron and Bill for growing out there mustaches all the way till the end of ‘Movember’

senior and staff
senior and staff


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