New Found Freedom

“I especially like the The Bria Bus trips. We do so much more at The Wexford than we used to do on our own.” — Anne
Downsize at Bria

After 50 years of living in the same house in Tsawwassen, Anne and Paul made a refreshing move to Bria’s newest seniors’ community, The Wexford.

The decision to find a new home after all those years was not taken lightly. They recognized that they weren’t getting any younger, and they had genuine concerns for how they wished to enter their next phase of life.

They wanted to be proactive and decide on a new home themselves, rather than wait for some unknown future where they might find a decision being made for them.

“Anne and I made the choice together, without our kids’ input,” confesses Paul. “Any concerns they had were dispelled when they saw our new home to be, and it helped them accept the sale of the home they grew up in.”

Now, they both feel a great sense of relief knowing that their three adult children will have fewer burdens should something happen to them.

Before the move, Anne and Paul considered a number of options. They originally talked about whether or not to move into a condo, or to downsize into something smaller.

Then they realized that this idea still obligated them to all the same responsibilities — the upkeep and maintenance that comes along with owning property, the planning, preparing and cooking of their own meals, and, really, after all, who likes housekeeping?

“It was a good time to sell,” says Paul. “The market was up, and we knew we could make some great money. We just needed to find a new place to live that we liked as much, or more, than our family home.”

Linda Ferguson, residential marketing consultant at The Wexford, adds that Bria uses a worksheet that has been a great tool for people who need to compare costs. “It’s easy to use,” she says. “Just fill in the blanks and see how the numbers work.”

“Anne and I agreed that we wanted to stay in Tsawwassen,” says Paul. “We love it here: the sunny, warm climate, and many of our friends still live in town.”

First, they toured The Waterford at town centre, and then visited The Wexford at Northgate. It was love at first sight — they instantly decided that The Wexford was the place for them.

As well as living in a brand new, beautiful home, they love the variety of monthly activities at The Wexford, “I especially like the The Bria Bus trips.” Anne chimes in. “We do so much more at The Wexford than we used to do on our own.”

It’s easy to see why Paul and Anne — both delightful, and 79 years young — feel a tremendous amount of new found freedom.

Their family and friends visit often, and they are very proud to show off their new home, and more than anything feel they made the right decision at the right time for them.

For more information about life at a Bria community, call Rosanne Philbrook, Manager at 604.948.4477