Picky Eaters Welcome

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It doesn’t matter if you’re a foodie, have food sensitivities, or are just a plain picky eater—you’ll find something delicious to eat in Bria Communities.


“Making sure residents have lots of choices at meal time is something our Executive Chefs have specifically addressed in the past 18 months,” says Bria Communities Managing Director, Tanya Snow.

“In the past, we offered two entree options at each meal, but that’s not enough, she says. “We started a Chef’s Feature menu that offers residents an ever-changing selection of additional choices at each meal.”

Chef Sean at The Wexford in Tsawwassen has a can-do philosophy when it comes to accommodating requests. In addition to keeping track of individuals’ specific requests (no garlic, no onions, no nuts, no lactose), Sean and his team go above and beyond to ensure everyone gets what they want. “Sometimes the resident looks at the menu and the features and says to a server, ‘Can I just have an omelette?’ Our answer is yes,” says Sean.”Seniors have many reasons for limiting what they eat—health, faith convictions, concern for the environment, lifestyle choices,” says Shannon Saunders, General Manager of Sunridge Gardens. “They deserve to eat well regardless. I’m proud that our culinary team can accommodate them.”


Sunridge Gardens specializes in gluten-free baked goods in their continental breakfast and are fortunate to have a sous chef who doubles as a pastry chef. “Sous Chef Danielle makes amazing gluten-free pastries,” says Shannon. “They’re so popular with all of the residents that we have to make sure there’s enough for the residents who are specifically gluten-free.”

One of the great things about living in community is that you’re well-known. Servers in our dining rooms quickly learn residents’ preferences and choices. They know you are a vegetarian, so they point out those menu options. They know you are lactose intolerant, so they bring margarine instead of butter. They know you love Maple Walnut ice cream, so they give you a double scoop.

We believe eating should be one of the highlights of your day. “Eating is social, it’s nourishing, it brings all your senses to life,” says Tanya, “We want each resident to eat what they want and love it.”

Come and a tour of any of our Bria Communities and stay for a complimentary lunch or dinner. Experience BriaCuisine first-hand!