What is Considered An Independent Senior Community?

Moving out of your own home and into an unfamiliar setting can be daunting for anyone, regardless of age. Home means comfort, care and safety—things we all need at every stage in life.
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Independent Senior Community at Bria

Independent residential communities unlike senior care homes are designed to offer residents a home-like family setting which allows them to live independently while still having their needs taken care of.

Independent Residential Communities

In an independent community, seniors have round-the-clock access to personal care, in addition to nutrition and wellness services designed specifically for them. In these communities, seniors can enjoy social contact, safety and support while still maintaining their independence.

A move into a senior’s independent community is a big step, but that is made easier with the knowledge that residential senior care is more than prepared to care for your loved ones. Maintaining one’s independence is a rewarding feeling, but sometimes it requires accepting a bit of help.

“Residential care homes”, “adult family homes” or “personal care homes” are different terms for the same kind of residential facility. They can differ in terms of level of care and services provided, but what’s common between them is access to timely care and efficient services for seniors.

Residential senior care homes can help people live with dignity. Living in a care home can actually bring family members closer. It reduces stress levels for everyone involved, and as a result, the time adult children spend with their senior parents becomes truly special quality time.

Independent Senior Living

The core purpose of these communities is to provide a range of services to seniors who have specific needs. Many seniors can no longer live safely in their own homes and require a supervised and secure environment. Residential independent living communities are an option for seniors who want to remain independent but don’t find it viable to live in their own homes any longer.

These communities are typically located in traditional homes and neighbourhoods. They provide accommodation, housekeeping, meals and medical care, and activities and recreation.

Living with Dignity

Living in a care home offers seniors a new lease on life—a fresh start. Among different kinds of care homes are communities specifically designed for seniors who want to live independently and have the freedom to be themselves even after moving out of their own home.

independent senior living

They also provide food services and assistance with daily living activities such as eating, bathing or getting dressed.

Living in a senior’s community allows seniors the same life while living in a community with people who share the same needs and experiences. Bria Communities offer residents a home where they can have their friends and family over and spend quality time with them.

Seniors who live alone often feel isolated—a feeling that is unhealthy at any age. In senior living communities, residents can meet new people and forge new relationships. They can make friends, share meals and enjoy recreational activities together. Even seniors who are more introverted can appreciate privacy while finding comfort in the fact that someone’s always around.

Like isolation, boredom is a problem that shows up in life after retirement. Older adults can lose a sense of purpose which is why recreation activities are essential for peace of mind. At residential senior communities, there’s something for everyone.

Here at Bria Communities, we pride ourselves as an active brand with a focus on independence and freedom. We emphasize on the aspect of “community”.  Not only can seniors participate in recreational activities on-site and in the local community, residents volunteer and participate in events they’re interested in. These recreational activities are geared towards health and wellness. They inspire healthy cognitive function through social connection, as well as physical and mental activity.

If you’re looking for a community that goes above and beyond the norm of a senior care home in Langley, BC, visit Magnolia Gardens and Sunridge Gardens. Located in the heart of Langley, these independent living homes have a lot to offer seniors who want to live autonomously.

How is Bria Communities Different from Other Senior Care Homes?

Everyone is unique and as such require individualize care. Bria Communities offers BriaCare which provides a range of services for complex care and encourages residents to be active beyond what is typically offered from another senior living community.

At Bria Communities like Magnolia Gardens and Sunridge Gardens, residents have access to personal care services equipped to support and enable them in a way that maintains dignity and peace of mind. Bria residences are built within neighbourhoods—they’re social and inclusive. These senior living communities are designed to take care of your loved one’s needs and give them a home away from home.