Retirement Living Cost Comparison Calculator

Can you afford all-inclusive retirement living? Do the math and find out. We’ve created an easy-to-use tool that can help.

While all-inclusive living isn’t affordable for every senior, it may be within your reach. Some seniors are surprised to discover that living in a retirement residence is more affordable than they expected. You won’t know until you compare costs.

Download our simple interactive budget calculator form and begin to compare the cost of living in your house or condo vs living in a retirement community. (Use with Adobe Acrobat Reader and the form will calculate for you.)

Need a sample number to put in the right-hand column as the residency fee? Why not use the cost of a large one-bedroom suite at Magnolia Gardens in Langley: $3,550 a month.

While living in an all-inclusive community isn’t affordable for everyone, it might be a good fit for you. Do the math and see!

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