The Grand Parade

The Grand Parade
The Grand Parade Walkers

Bria Communities is excited to announce our sponsorship of The Grand Parade in New Westminster on June 1. You’ve never heard of it? That’s because 2019 is the first year this fundraising walk that celebrates and supports seniors has come to BC.

The Grand Parade isn’t a parade in a traditional sense; it is an opportunity to walk together to publicly honour ageing friends and family and to fundraise on behalf of the charities who support them. The New Westminster walk will raise funds for the Seniors Services Society of BC, the only agency in BC that works to provide housing solutions specifically for low income and homeless seniors.

“Seniors’ housing at every income level is an important issue for us,” says Bria Director Tanya Snow. “The Seniors Services Society provides a unique and essential service. The more access to funding they have, the more seniors they can serve. We want to come alongside and lend our full support.”

Bria residents, staff and leaders will be wearing red Bria shirts and walking and volunteering in the event on Saturday, June 1 along the New Westminster River Walk. Join us! Walk for your nanny, walk for your favourite uncle, or for the next door neighbour who invested in your life. Declare their place in your heart and shine the light of appreciation on them. Register here and join ‘Team Bria’.