The Importance of Staying Social

seniors at outdoor picnic

Why do we hold so many events and activities at our seniors’ communities one might ask? At all three of our Bria Communities we’re devoted to organizing inclusive recreation programs that keep our residents active and give them opportunities to socialize with one another. It may seem like our programs are designed solely to entertain the residents and keep them busy, however studies show that maintaining relationships with others and socializing regularly can help seniors stay sharp, healthy and maybe even ward off diseases such as dementia.

Socializing often helps our residents maintain good emotional health as well as cognitive function and can potentially reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems, Alzheimer’s disease and mental health issues such as depression. Conversely, a lack of interaction with others can lead to a whole plethora of problems.

Social interaction is most effective when coupled with an overall healthy lifestyle, including a nutritious diet and physical activity. Therefore our recreation programs are crafted to include exercise classes and outings that get residents out walking around, in conjunction with our menu made up of homemade healthy meals created by our chefs. At Bria our residents are our number one priority and we try to do everything we can to keep them in good health and have them enjoy themselves.


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