Diner En Blanc at The Waterford

The Waterford seniors residence holds Diner en Blanc inspired event for residents.
seniors dancing

Moving to a Bria Seniors Community doesn’t mean you have to stop being hip. This year the amazing recreation team at The Waterford planned a Bria-style Diner en Blanc for residents.

Diner en Blanc started in Paris 25 years ago and has recently expanded globally to other major cities, including Vancouver. The premise of the event is a sophisticated and elegant picnic, where everything is white including the clothes people wear, tables, chairs, linens, and centrepieces. Participants don’t know the location of the event until the day-of which ads to the excitement. Participants are also asked to bring all of the items they need for the picnic, including their own table, chairs and dinner.

At The Waterford we didn’t make our residents bring their own tables and chairs, or their dinners but the rest of the evening was planned just like the namesake event in Paris. Our recreation department is always trying to come up with new and exciting activities and celebrations for the residents to enjoy and this was such a hit, we may make it an annual event!