“Love at The Waterford”

valentines day
Valentines day at The Waterford

Valentine’s Day at The Waterford was celebrated by bringing on the ‘Not So Newlywed Game’ Our contestants were Peggy and Bill Synohorst, John and Mary Playfair and Bob and Mary Harris . Like the original casting of The Newlywed game, the questions given to our contestants were to be answered on how they would predict their spouses would answer.

One question that comes to mind is when the husbands were asked “Who out of the two of you would you say is the better catch?  All of the husbands responded with “She was the better catch”! (meaning the wives). – Good answer guys! When the wives where brought back to the stage they all agreed that they were the better catch, so everyone got that one right.

At the end of the game the points were tallied up. The score was close but there would only be one grand prize winner.  The winning couple was Bob and Mary! These grand prize winners received a lunch date for two at the White Spot of their choice. This event was very entertaining for everyone, including the contestants. It was so well received that we are even considering having a ‘Not So Newlywed” game with some of our staff as the contestants. We’ll keep you posted.

Our Valentine’s Day celebration didn’t end there. Coleen and Steve kept the mood alive by filling the lounge with the sweet sounds of old time favorite love songs. The dance floor was alive with a few twisters and some doing the Jitter Bug.  Cupid made his appearance too. Well, he came in the form of a delicious cocktail call ‘Cupids Arrow”.

That’s it for now. Hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

valentines day at the waterford
valentines day at The Waterford


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