What Bria Residents Say: Harvey & Ruth

Smiling Senior Couple

When it came time to move from Alberta to be closer to their children, Harvey and Ruth began their search for a local retirement community in Langley that woudl fit the well. They found what they were looking for at Sunridge Gardens in Murrayville.

Ruth: We have lived at Sunridge Gardens now since August of 2019 and we’re enjoying it very much.

Harvey: We had our old yard, and mowing and trimming and painting—and it was more than I wanted to do. We looked at others and Sunridge was open and had the two-bedroom, which gave us lots of room so we decided to come here.

Ruth: We had the piano and I wanted to bring it so I needed a little bit more room.

Harvey: The whole staff is so great to be amongst and visit with them, what little we do. That’s the main thing for me, the staff.

Ruth: The service is wonderful. You don’t have to do your own cooking and you don’t have to do your own changing your beds, because your sheets and towels get done for you. It’s spacious.

We have a wonderful courtyard that we can enjoy the flowers and trees and shrubs. So we don’t have to stay inside, we can go out. Walk around the courtyard; visit with our friends; from a distance at this point.

There’s so much else: a library and a theatre where you can see movies if you wish, and there’s a great exercise room.

There’s a wonderful family feeling. So, we’re happy with it.