Finding a Supportive and Social Home for Mom

Bria Blog Rose Story 2020

After she was widowed, Roses’s Mom, Tommy, needed a more supportive and social environment to live in. She found that and so much more at Sunridge Gardens. Recently Tommy moved into long term care, but she still fondly calls Sunridge Gardens home. Her daughter Rose shares their experience in her own words:

I brought my mom [to Sunridge Gardens] back in 2016 after she became a widow.

Great Support Systems

The support systems in here were just better than family at times because there was always somebody on hand. Meals were always ready; and a good meal. My mom was mostly vegetarian, so they catered to her needs. Staff was always there when needed and not needed! They were always there; the staff was great.

Higher Quality of Life

I think my mom had a better quality of life here than where she used to live up north. She had a lot of people to interact with and a lot of things to do, whether it’s a bus trip or whether it’s bingo, whether it’s horse racing, whether it’s watching movies. Her interaction was raised higher than it had been for 15 to 20 years. She was quite happy here.

Close to Convenient Amenities

Some of the amenities around the building that I appreciated for my mom was her doctor’s office was across the street was the grocery store across the street, which she could get to no problem; the dollar store, dentist, pharmacy. All that, conveniently at her fingertips and if you wish, the swimming pool was right there, which was great. And if necessary, the hospital is right there, which was fantastic.

It Feels Like Home

I would recommend Sunridge Gardens for your new home for yourself or a family member. As soon as you walk in the front door it’s bright, it’s very cheerful, it’s well-decorated, staff are friendly, the residents are all friendly, and it feels like home.

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