Pie Drive Thru Give Away Photos 2021What’s better than a slice of free pie? How about a whole pie?

For National Seniors Day, Bria Communities seniors residences in Langley and South Delta will celebrate older adults by giving away full-size pies to seniors who drive-thru their pie pick-up event.


For the first time in 2022, Chefs at all four Bria Communities will create their signature pie recipe. “We dreamed up this idea in 2020 as a way to connect with seniors who were taking significant safety precautions in light of the pandemic.,” says Tanya Snow, managing director of Bria Communities. “That year, our chefs competed to see whose pie would be the one served by all four sites.”

But the event has evolved. “Our chefs are very good at what they do, and it was too hard to choose a single winner.”

As cars pull up, windows go down, and the chef who created the pie passes it over. “It’s a pretty cool experience to have an Executive Chef dressed in his finest pass along a pie he’s handmade for you,” says Tanya. “We love giving people the opportunity to experience Bria Cuisine firsthand.”


MAGNOLIA GARDENS  |  5840 Glover Road, Langley City

  • Monday, October 3, from 10-11 am. The first 75 seniors to drive thru will receive a 9″ Creamy Blueberry Crumble Pie.

SUNRIDGE GARDENS  |  22301 Fraser Highway, Murrayville

  • Monday, October 3, from 2-3  pm. The first 50 seniors to drive thru will receive a Candied Fruit & Nut Pie.

THE WATERFORD  |  1345 56 Street, Tsawwassen

  • Tuesday, October 4, from 10-11  am. The first 75 seniors to drive thru will receive a Southlands Honey-Spiced Pear Crumble PIe.

THE WEXFORD  |  1737 56 Street, Tsawwassen

  • Tuesday, October 4, from 2-3  pm. The first 75 seniors to drive thru will receive a Peace Pecan Crumble Pie.

“It’s active aging week, so consume your pie responsibly,” jokes Tanya Snow. “Some people might be tempted to pick up more than one. We’re encouraging people to make sure there’s enough pie to go around by visiting only one event.”


National Seniors Day in Canada is October 1, coinciding with the United Nations’ International Day of Older Persons. The day celebrates and appreciates seniors’ contributions to our homes and communities. Immediately following is Active Aging Week. An initiative that encourages adults over 50 to take advantage of all life has to offer. The goal of this week is to promote wellness initiatives and to get bodies up and moving.

Tanya’s got one piece of pie day advice for seniors in Langley and Tsawwassen. “If you’re planning on enjoying a free pie from Bria Communities, getting up and moving should be on your agenda for the following week!”