Bria Courtesy Shuttle Offers Terrific Service

Senior Courtesy Van

What’s better than having your own personal driver at you service? Having a driver who goes above and beyond to make your day! Mary, a resident at The Waterford, shares her experience getting to know Ed, the Bria Courtesy Shuttle driver at The Waterford.

“When I moved into The Waterford, I didn’t know anyone here. That soon changed with the first encounter I had with Ed, our courtesy van driver. It was such a pleasant experience that I’d like to share the details with you.

I was sitting by myself in the lounge checking my money to see if I had enough for a manicure across the street at Forever Blue Nails. Before I knew it a very nice man in a red shirt approached me and introduced himself. Ed asked what I was up to and I told him I wasn’t sure of the price of a manicure. He said, “No problem, I’ll find out.” Before I knew it he was phoning Forever Blue Nails and asking for the price of a manicure. He was asked if the manicure was for him. Ed chuckled and said, “Oh no, it’s for my friend here.” Needless to say this encounter made my day.

What a wonderful introduction to life at The Waterford! By the way, I did get my nails done. “

This moment between Mary and Ed captures the essence the top-notice service Bria provides seniors living in our retirement communities.

In the past months, we’ve introduced new safety and sanitization protocols to ensure the health residents and drivers in the courtesy shuttle. Residents leaving the building are encouraged to wear masks when they visit public places. This service is available for all residents to use—whether it’s a trip to the craft store, a doctor’s appointment or grabbing some sushi to go. The shuttle has specific availability at each Bria residence, and appointments can be made at the front desk.