Life at The Wexford: Desley’s Story

Senior Smiling at Parrot
Senior and Elvis Impersonator

Desley Cook has lived in houses across the globe, but in 2017 when she moved into The Wexford in Tsawwassen she discovered a home where she could have fun, relax and feel safe.

In Her Own Words

“I’m Desley Cook, and I’m 87 years. And I live at The Wexford in Tsawwassen, and I’m very happy with being here. It’s like a home away from home.

The staff are all wonderful; they take good care of us. They always have open arms for us and make us feel wanted. The chef is really nice, and he serves us. If we don’t like what we get, we can ask for something different.

Fun and Freedom

We have wonderful entertainment here. We have sing-alongs, and we dance, and we do all these crazy things old people aren’t supposed to do, but we do. I just appreciate it all. You can be busy all day, or you can go to your room and close it and be private. You don’t need to feel obligated to be out and doing things—and that’s nice.

Safe For Seniors

You have freedom and yet you feel secure. You know that going to bed at night, you’re safe. If you don’t feel well, we have buttons all over the place, and you can press them; they can get you an ambulance or whatever you need. And the staff know what they’re doing. That’s what I like.

We have all the securities we need here. When I go to bed at night I feel safe, I just turn my lights off and that’ sit. I feel safe at all times. And that’s of great importance to an older person.”

The Wexford For Seniors

Seniors enjoy living in intimate and elegant west coast style. Featuring sixty-five bright one and two bedroom suites, tastefully-designed living and dining areas, and a gorgeous rooftop garden and neighbourhood courtyard. Enjoy the freedom and peace of mind that comes with living in an upscale retirement community just one kilometre away from Tsawwassen town centre.