Complex care made personal

At Magnolia Gardens, the Care Centre team had an encouraging smile and a warm expression for each and every resident.
Magnolia Gardens Taking Care of Residents
staff and resident

Whether it takes a gentle, guiding hand, or a wealth of knowledge, staff at Magnolia Gardens Care Centre has a particular ability to provide residents with the assurances and choices they need about complex care. Sue Wilson, Director of Care, explains, “It’s personal for us, like family. We consider it our responsibility to relate directly to our residents, to stop and hold a hand when we need to, or to be a walking companion in the gardens.”

Sue has worked in residential care for 20 years and says she has never seen this level of compassion at any other residence. “You feel welcomed, there is a warmth and it’s genuine.” Knowing you’ll have access to the right kind of care and when you need it, with activities and support adapted to meet particular abilities, is vital when considering complex care.

Sue is adept at walking people through the decision process, educating them about their options and helping them transition through a move-in. “I give people information so they can better understand what their choices are, which means they can make the right decision for their needs – whether that’s with our Care Centre, or somewhere else.”

When considering Complex Care, Sue asks individuals and families to consider things like:

  1. What are the physical or mental limitations?
  2. What care model makes the most sense for you? Private care or public care?
  3. How urgent is the need?
  4. What are the financial limitations are there? How will you apply for a funded bed if you need it?
  5. Who is making the final care choices? The individual, the partner or is it a family decision?

Residents who already live independently at Magnolia Gardens are in the perfect setting to make an easy transition to more complex care. With gentle guidance and physical and psychological assessments, staff can recommend appropriate next steps, always with the utmost in tactfulness and consideration.

There is never a lack of activity in the Care Centre. Staff encourages residents – regardless of physical challenges – to participate frequently, as all activities are adapted to meet different abilities. With everything from social hour to fitness class, Tai Chi to crafts, gardening, music programs and Brain Games, there’s always an activity to suit someone.

Personal suites are private and spacious, each with a large, bright viewing window. But it’s all about the feeling that pervades the centre. “This place may not be the fanciest,” Sue says. “But it has a great big heart and plenty of passion. Come to think of it, it’s the kind of place that feels like home.”