Sunridge Gardens Novel Reading by Authors Jim McGregor and Natasha Jones

Novel Readings at Sunridge Gardens

After a more than six-year collaborative effort, authors Natasha Jones and Jim McGregor have released their 328-page novel, Surfacing, and they came to Sunridge Gardens for a reading and book signing.

McGregor, a Langley Times columnist and retired fire chief joined forces with Jones, a former Times reporter, in 2006, to begin writing the story of a boy whose unique connection with his father brings the injured firefighter out of a three-year coma and helps set him on the road to recovery. But it’s a road with no shortage of bumps, potholes and potential wrong turns ready to trip up a family that is working to find its feet once again.

During our visit with the authors our residents received lots of interesting insight about the writing, editing and publishing process of a novel.  Interestingly, the authors co-wrote this novel by each writing a little every day and then sending their work to the other for them to continue on. Jim and Natasha also read some pages from their novel; without giving anything away of course. Some residents bought a copy for themselves and the books were signed by the authors.  Our residents really enjoyed their visit with these local authors and asked that they return with their next novel!


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