The Hive As Your Medicine Cabinet Workshop

Honey pot and honeycomb

Honey is more than just a delicious addition to your toast in the morning! It’s packed with health benefits, especially for seniors. Alongside honey, its byproducts, such as bee pollen, royal jelly, and propolis, offer a treasure trove of health perks.

Join Master Beekeeper Julia Common for an interactive workshop on the hive as a medicine cabinet. Discover the benefits of honey for your immune system, digestive health, skincare, and more! In addition to the presentation, participants will enjoy a Q&A session with Julia, a beeswax candle rolling tutorial, honey tasting, and light refreshments.

This free workshop is open to people 55+. Space is limited! RSVP by calling Andie Bakehouse at 604.364.7156 to reserve your spot today.