The Waterford Squamish river boat tour

Bria Communities - Squamish River Boat Tour

The Squamish River tour started at the Waterford at 8:00am where our adventurous residents dawned hats and windbreakers for the day and got on our bus for a 2 hour drive.  It was a gloriously sunny day as Trey drove us through the city and over the lions gate bridge and up the “sea to sky” highway.  There was not a cloud in the sky and views went on for miles of the Islands and Mountains around us.  Many of us on the bus remarked on what a wonderful place in the world we live in.

We took our recommended pit stop at the Squamish recreation center and then found our way to the starting point with the Wade family – Father, 2 sons and a daughter were our guides for the day.  We were fitted with life jackets and walked the trail to the river boats and were off.  We could paddle if we wanted or just watch the world go by.  We floated down the river (on a Sunday afternoon…) then stopped for lunch with an amazing spread of sandwich meats and fixings and with drinks and cookies for dessert.  Some went for a nature walk while others relaxed by the boats.

When we boarded again we got to the winding part of the journey and then veered off of the main river to a side estuary where a few seniors went on a 5 min walk to a cave.  Those still in the boat took a break from the wind and watched eagles fly overhead and enjoyed the different vegetation.   Once back on the Squamish River we paddled for the other side were we got across the waves to the end of our journey.   Not even a hat was lost even though some of us were a little bit wet we all enjoyed our adventure day on the river with Wade tours.



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