Time to flourish

Playing Bingo at Bria Retirement Community

“Inspirational. Intelligent design. Luxurious amenities. Imaginative management. No wonder the ducks are taking up residence in the pond! And everyone responds with genuine friendliness. Is there something in the water?”

-Chris A., after a recent tour of Bria communities

At Magnolia Gardens, we’re not only in the business of retirement living… we’re in the business of caring. Here, you can expect reassurance, education, a listening ear, empathy, guidance and support in navigating this life change. We understand that new beginnings need to be nurtured, treated tenderly and with great care in order to flourish.

And what a place to flourish… Magnolia Gardens is bustling with opportunity and activities, encouraging vibrant lifestyles and a real sense of community and belonging. “The one thing people always say when they first visit is that it just feels different here,” says Pam Murphy, Area General Manager for Bria Communities. “They also say our residents actually look happy here!” Pam explains it’s the human element that makes it so comforting: staff interact with residents as though they’re family, with great compassion in a community of caring. Even the residents look out for each other, peer-to-peer.

“I’m continually amazed to see new residents who look and act like they’ve been here for five years, but really, they’ve only been here five minutes,” laughs Pam. Very quickly, they step up and become vibrant and engaged, establish new friendships and become active members of the Magnolia community. There is no shortage of socialization available:  gardening club, Bocce ball tournaments, resident art displays, bake-offs, summer barbeques, church services, poker tourneys and fitness activities. There’s also happy hour, entertainment, events and everything in-between. Pam explains that people don’t realize they need the change until they really do.

Changing what you eat as a senior can make a considerable difference in how you feel too. Magnolia Garden’s dining program provides exceptional cuisine. A registered dietician ensures every menu is nutritious, well-balanced and in accordance with the Canada Food Guide. Tastes and textures are critical too. By selecting fresh, unique and varied menu items, residents eat better than perhaps they ever have, on a consistent and daily basis. Health improves. Mental alertness improves. Sleep can improve.

From delivering ‘people power’ to harnessing the power of food, Magnolia offers a place to really flourish:  where it doesn’t feel like ‘a home,”  it just feels like ‘home.’

If you’re curious about living a vibrant life at a Bria community, schedule a tour with Jane Bryce, our Area Mar­keting Manager for Langley!