5 Reasons to Move into a Bria Community Today

5 Reasons to Move in a Bria Community

Seniors residences are an essential services in British Columbia, and for a good reason; safe and supportive housing for seniors is a necessity. As the Covid-19 pandemic wears on, seniors and their loved ones grow increasingly aware of the need to make a lifestyle change. Moving into a local retirement community provides five advantages for seniors who are struggling to cope during the pandemic.

Someone To Lean On

Lean on us to get through the difficult times. We have friendly housekeepers who visit weekly to clean and tidy your suite, cheerful servers who deliver breakfast lunch and dinner, and a energetic recreation staff who show up at your door with ice cream treats in the afternoon.

Don’t Wanna Go (to the Grocery Store)

With meals delivered right to your room and a staff team who are willing to shop for incidentals on your behalf, you can stay home. No more line ups, long walks down one-way aisles, or exposure to germs for you!

No More Lonely Nights (Or Days)

Residents and staff are diligently following social distancing guidelines, but there are still opportunities to socialize, play games, participate in small fitness classes, or enjoy the courtyard gardens together.

Someone to Watch Over You

Our receptionist is available to residents 24/7 for issues as small as a malfunctioning TV remote, or as big as emergency first aid. In addition, they are screening everyone who enters the building with a thermometer and set of questions to ensure they are healthy and have not recently been exposed to Covid-19.

Stayin’ Alive

The combination of social connection, opportunities to stay physically active, chances for mental stimulation, and team to offer emotional support has potential to extend and improve your life.

Expert Tip

For your peace of mind, before moving in to any senior living residence speak to them about their health and safety track record and emergency protocols.

Now Is The Time

Bria Communities homes are welcoming new residents and offering building tours at this time. We have implemented thorough safety protocols and requirements to ensure the safety of you, our residents and our staff.

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