Our delicious, home-style meals are prepared in-house each day by our Red Seal Chef and his team. Start your day with breakfast at the Bria Bistro and then enjoy lunch and dinner in the formal dining room featuring two entrée options, served with a starter and dessert.

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Bria Continental Breakfast Southwest Chicken Salad Corn Muffin Beef Dip and French Fries Roast Beef Dinners at Bria Communities BBQ ribs baked potato broccoli in cheese Rainbow trout fresh roasted vegetables Home-style meals at Bria Communities
Sunridge Gardens Chef David

A Message From Chef David

Personalized service is the trademark of the Sunridge Gardens culinary services team. We meet regularly with residents and craft menu options that please all palates. We happily accommodate vegetarian, gluten-free and special diets, and offer a wide variety of daily menu alternatives. Our exceptional dining staff are warm and friendly, remembering residents names and family members as well as meal preferences and dietary needs. Sous Chef Danielle is a trained pastry chef who regularly delights us with her tasty handmade desserts and treats.

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