Our mouth-watering meals are the highlight of each day and are prepared in-house by our Red Seal Chef and his exceptional team. Start your day with breakfast at the Bria Bistro and then enjoy lunch and dinner in the formal dining room featuring two entrée options, served with a starter and dessert.

On the menu

Wexford Continental Breakfast Wexford Turkey Sandwich Wexford Fish and Chips Wexford Osso Bucco Wexford Grilled Rainbow Trout Wexford Grilled Swiss Steak
The Wexford Chef

A message from Chef Leif

Our culinary services team aspires to make residents happy; our priority is that each person feels at home and eats food that delights their palate. We look to satisfy and inspire with traditional fare and innovative menu items featuring cuisine from around the world, as well as right from the abundant farmlands of South Delta. I'm proud that residents' family members frequently choose to dine with us instead of eating at a restaurant together. They know their meal will be equally, if not more delicious than even the best restaurants in town!