Our delicious meals are the highlight of each day! Prepared in-house by our Red Seal Chef and his exceptional team who use local and organic ingredients whenever possible. Start your day with breakfast at the Bria Bistro and then enjoy lunch and dinner in the formal dining room featuring two entrée options, served with a starter and dessert.

On the menu

Waterford Breakfast Waterford Turkey Sandwich Waterford Perogies German Sausage Waterford Flank Steak Waterford Chicken Alfredo Fettuccine Waterford Grilled Samon

A Message from Chef Rod

We aspire to create a dining experience for residents that combines fine cuisine with satisfying comfort food. It’s our goal to make food that brings back fond memories and creates exciting new ones. We cook to nourish the body, the brain, the heart and the soul. Our exceptional service makes every meal a highlight and gives each resident the feeling of being known and valued. BBQs, brunch buffets, and special holiday feasts are part of each season. Also, residents are invited to the join the Chef’s Exclusive Dinner each month—a five-course dining and wine pairing experience that is second to none!